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A blog entirely dedicated to Steve Rogers. Comics (616), MCU, cartoons... anything. Many of the posts will have him interacting with other Marvel characters, especially (my personal favorites) Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Ian Rogers and Ms/Captain Marvel. Somewhere along the way this also became a Chris Evans appreciation blog.

The Toronto International Film Festival 2014, Vanity Fair Portraits

The Toronto International Film Festival 2014, Vanity Fair Portraits

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Avengers Volume 1 (1963-96)
Issue #276 (February, 1987)

Marvel really seems to be taking their newfound commitment to diversity seriously (as well as big announcements on television), as evidenced by the fact that Falcon will be taking up the mantle of Captain America. (If this were DC rather than Marvel, I’d look forward to at least getting an animated film with a female Thor and a black Captain America, but it’s Marvel so even if they do make an animated film out of it it’ll be boring.)

Speaking of The Avengers, Entertainment magazine revealed Ultron’s look (and the article revealed his origin).

Marvel’s going to be out of news before Comic Con!

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Captain America by Leinil Francis Yu


Captain America by Leinil Francis Yu

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Finally saw how they made the elevator fight.

I’m soooooo happy I’m gonna cry.

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favorite personality traits of steve rogers:

  • don’t tell me what to do
  • fuck your rules
  • no seriously, your rules are pointless and i’m ignoring them
  • fuck your bullshit
  • double dog dare me
  • lets fucking jump off this building!!!!!
  • i’m annoyed at everything you choose to be but recognize you need help and love 
  • ~*sarcastic compliment*~
  • ~*barely concealed dry insult*~
  • the best tactical mind in the universe, lets plan this shit
  • i love my country that’s why i’m forever critical of it and mindful of the past and concerned for the future
  • loyalty and love above reason

steve rogers personality traits in fandom:

  • what does a microwave do idgi
  • gay people lol amirite
  • sure i’ll do whatever you say
  • math??????????????? science??????????
  • no, i would not like to participate in shenanigans
  • america fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here Come Those Eyes - A Steve/Peggy Fanmix

1. I Believe in You - Frank Sinatra 2. Sway - Michael Buble 3. Stay With You - Goo Goo Dolls 4. Something’s Gotta Give - Sammy Davis Jr. 5. Out of My League - Stephen Speaks 6. Here Come Those Eyes - Chris Rice 7. Everything - Michael Buble 8. Mountain and the Sea - Ingrid Michaelson 9. What Can I Do (But Love You) - Joy Williams  10. Challengers - The New Pornographers 11. Crazy Love - Thea Gilmore 12.Jack and Jill - Katie Herzig 13. The Aspidistra Flies - Stars 14. Take It From Me - The Weepies 15. The Day We Saved The World - Sarah Slean 16. My Favorite Book - Stars 17. Keep Us - Peter Bradley Adams 18. You Rise and Meet the Day - Dar Williams 19. Home - Vanessa Carlton 


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chris evans behind the scenes on the winter soldier set [x]

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Cap by Paolo Rivera

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Wanda doesn’t look happy about this leave of absence.

Avengers Annual 2000

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